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I’m a filmmaker and a storyteller who documents and share the unheard stories of those living in the most difficult places in the world through the power of film to change global perceptions of their identities.

I was happy to have the chance to turn my passion into profession. And I very much intend to make my clients happy as well. I offer personal and creative services in an open, honest and friendly environment with a wide range of proficiencies. Diversity in creativity is what I love!


I suppose that motto pretty much made me the person I am today. In the past 3 years I have worked in the fields of cinematography, video editing, producing & directing. Whether I work on the development of a complex visual concept, the direction of a live action commercial, I put my passion in each and every job.


You can book me as a freelancer, also possibly in addition to your team.

I am happy to work on-site, but also have my own production company. I am able to provide you with the complete package or, if you like, just add some creative details to the bigger picture. Either way, I take each project as a fun and enjoyable challenge.

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